Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day Sale: New Look Haul

I'm not a big sale shopper fan in all honesty, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to hunting through the unorganised chaos called clothing racks.

But this year I went into my local town centre, for no more than 2 hours. In fact I think I only went into 4 shops, 2 of those I stayed in for a couple of moments only! It was incredibly busy but I managed to bag myself some excellent bargains, all from New Look.

 Ear Cuff £3.99 £2 

 Drop Earrings £5.50 2.75

Gem Studs £4.99 £2.50

Black Block Heel Sandal with Metal Strip £24.99 £10

Black Chunky Heeled Studded Sandal £22.99 £10 

Plum Cross Over Flat Buckled Shoes £22.99 £10 

That means for £37.25 I got 3 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of earrings and 1 ear cuff. It should of cost me £85.45 meaning a total saving of: £48.20! 

What bargains have you grabbed in the post-christmas sales?

Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

I got very excited this week when a parcel arrived with 3 wrapped presents inside. Why? Because I knew they were off Sarah from A Shimmer of Sparkle, who was my partner in the Blogger Gift Swap I took part in. You can see what the gift swap is all about in my previous post here.

Sarah and I spoke about setting a budget, or even a theme between us and set a simple budget of £5. So heres what I got: 

How cute is this wrapping paper?! 

First of all, Dairy Milk Buttons, if you've somehow gone through life without having these chocolate buttons you are missing out, big time!
Next up is a small ball, inside is White Lily & Sweet Rose scented Bath Caviar and Pearls. I haven't gotten round to using them yet but my gosh they smell incredible so I can't wait to have a hot bubble bath with them. 
Finally, is my little red spotted tin, inside the tin is a candle. I'm not so sure on the exact scent of the candle but it smells fantastically festive, perhaps a bit of spiced apple and cinnamon! This one has been lit already along side all the candles in my room. 

This has been such a wonderful thing to take part in, just a little bit different and also a great way to find new blogs. Look out on twitter for the tag #apovgiftswap to see what everyone got.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Nails with W7

First of apologies for the quietness for the past fortnight, I've been having university interviews so have found myself very busy. However, I'm back!

The wonderful people at W7 sent me a wonderful little box full of goodies for me to try out to show you how amazing their products are. Which means, here is my first review!

The product I'm reviewing today is their glitter nail varnish in 'Christmas' shade, fitting for the time of year, right?

This nail varnish is a clear varnish packed full with red, green and silver glitter pieces. It works well on its own however I'm going to show you how I teamed it up with a Seventeen red shade.

This varnish acts great to dress up your nails to give that extra sparkle around christmas time. I personally feel that a full set of sparkly nails may be a little OTT so I've just done one finger nail on each hand with the overcoat. I feel this adds that subtle bit of glam to an outfit.

By layering the varnish over another you get the bottom coat peaking through the glitter. When doing this with any glitter varnish I recommend the bottom coat being a colour that's in the glitter varnish to avoid clashes.

The nail varnish itself is very easy to apply, I did find it hard to get a heavy coverage of glitter on my nails so I did apply a few coats of the varnish. This is the only flaw I found with the varnish! I find it stays on for ages but comes off really easily with a bit of nail varnish remover.

Overall I'm very impressed with the quality and the overall look of the nail varnish; definitely a must have this Christmas!