Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Metallic Madness!

Holographic, iridescent and metallic items are a daring wear this year but are appearing in all high street shops! I found myself in love with the shiny numbers but was very scared to wear one out; it took at least 3 trips into Topshop until I bought myself an iridescent foil coated cotton pencil skirt!
Obviously this is a party item, I don't think I could ever pull this on off at college without getting a few comments! I wore a spaghetti strap cami tucked in with chunky black heels. These blocks of black took a bit of attention away from the skirt making it less 'in your face'. 

Top: Newlook
Skirt: Topshop
Heels: Newlook

But what about daily metallics? I have hunted through websites to find my favourite metallic items at the moment and how you would wear them:

The two tops are similar however the Shiny Halter is a lot more daring with the bare back and fitted style. Both colours go brilliantly against black so chuck on your fave high waisted skinnies, boots and leather jacket. The shine from the tops will add colour and brightness to your outfit without being too over powering.
The Mini skirt is a pale silver which reflects the light beautifully, to show off the shine on this skirt wear with white to complement the reflections. If you wear it with t-shirt style stretch jersey it will add a more relax feel to the outfit making it perfect for day-to-day wear.
Oversized, cropped and metallic, the Jumper, designed by White Pepper, naturally has an everyday casual feel to it. You can even spice it up a bit by wearing it with a midi skirt rather than your jeans! 

See, these shiny pieces no longer seem so scary! 


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Thursday, August 21, 2014

All Black Everything!

Wearing all black can often look a bit too miserable and a huge mess. However my outfit today has not one bit of colour and I'm as happy as can be!

So to the outfit: I'm wearing my ASOS swing dress which is so comfy and an easy sling on dress. It doesn't look to dressy, but with the right accessories I could easily change that. Then we have my trusty Miss Selfridge faux leather jacket. I wear this jacket all the time it can add instant 'rock chick' style to anything.

As you can see I am wearing black tights with this outfit, however they are 25 Denier which means they're not overly opaque. This helps with the all black look, keeping my legs warm but not making my outfit look too dark. Teamed up with some pink or red lipstick it adds subtle colour to the look and brightens you up!

 As usual I'm wearing my Primark heeled chelsea boots, I'm going to wear these pair out before winter gets here at this rate! 
I have a tattoo choker on and a peace sign adjustable string necklace placed just below it. As you can see in this final photo my hair is actually pretty bright too (to match my lipstick!) when the light shines on it.

How do you brighten up your 'all black outfit'?


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Monday, August 18, 2014

Help I'm going to a Festival!

After going to two festivals (Download and V Festival) this year I felt that I should really do a 'festival must haves' post; after all I think I have a pretty good idea now!

Megan and I in Our Garden at V Festival 2014

Festivals are difficult as you can either queue at 5am for a disgusting 'shower' or so what most do and rough it. That's right ladies, no showering for 3-5 days! I'm going to focus on two parts of 'roughing it'; how to keep clean and how to look great.

Lets start with keeping clean.
First stop hair: Dry Shampoo, you cannot forget to bring dry shampoo, you will need the biggest can you can buy. It gets rid of the greasiness of your hair and also adds a little volume to it as well to stop your hair going horribly flat.
Hair Bobbles and Clips, you see festival photos of people having lovely long flowing locks, on the first day yes but by the Sunday everyone's hair is a ball of knots. By taking bobbles and clips you can style your hair into various braids and plaits creating beautiful hairstyles.
Body: Wet wipes, these will be your equivalent of a shower for the weekend. Honestly they make you feel so much nicer than just feeling dirty and smelly, not as nice as a shower though I'm afraid. (Also girls, don't bother taking razors or hair removal items, all of you will have hairy legs and arm pits!)
Tissues and hand sanitisers, the toilets are never great but I must say Download had the Khazi Kings this year cleaning the portaloos and refilling them with tissue, V fest wasn't that great though. Half rolls of toilet paper or packs of tissues have to be in your bags at all times and hand sanitiser to keep your hands clean after too.
Lip Balm I forgot my lip balm for V Festival and my lips now feel horribly chapped and unloved.

Don't worry too much about how grotty you feel....and look! I found the lack of sleep I got didn't help either but the oxygen bar at the Bubble Lounge clears your head quickly as Nemo and I found out at download!

Naomi and I at the Bubble Lounge, Download 2014

Now lets try to look great!
Rain coats I saw so so so many beautiful rain coats this year, not just plain old black pack-a-macs for once! A lot of shops are doing really cool see-through ones so everyone can still see your outfit underneath which are fantastic. However I'm more of a floral fan when it comes to rain coats so I treated myself to a little beauty from Topshop this year.
Shorts Now, shorts are great but ladies no body wants to see your underwear too! Make sure your shorts actually cover up your bum cheeks otherwise you'll be FREEZING later on in the night, remember that festivals go on til night time.
The crop Crops are a festival fave this year, with so many varieties of them too it's super easy to find a cute crop to rock the look.
Boots The good old wellingtons are a classic fave at festivals however when theres not much rain boots are also a big hit. I didn't get my wellies out at either festival this year. I wore my tattered old Dr Martens boots which were a lot more comfy than wellies and I could dance around a lot easier in them too! Don't forget the long socks to match them too.
Bags Carrying your stuff is a pain and no one is a fan of the backpack when the person in front of you is wearing one. Bum Bags/Fanny Packs (whatever you prefer to call them) are great, they can fit all the things you need and no one can easily steal the contents from you. You can dance around like crazy without them falling off and getting in the way. You can pick them up from so many high street shops, my own is from Primark but you can pick them up from Urban Outfitters too.
Neon Face Paint No matter what age or gender you are neon face paint is always a hit at festivals whether its little flowers or dots under your eyes you'll look fab. Just be careful not to smudge it all over your face, do it before going into the arena area so it dries!
Flower crown Flower crowns are so easy to pick up in summer with shops like Primark selling a variety in colours for around a £1! I do recommend getting one before you go to the festival because they are £5 or more there.

And that's it! Theres probably a whole ton of other things you could also bring with you but these are definitely my must haves this year.


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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Camden Town

Yesterday I got to go to my favourite city; LONDON! I try to go to a different part of London every time I visit, this time was to Camden. Oh My Gosh! How amazing is Camden town?! I was thrilled by all the markets, street food and the weird and wonderfulness of the town.

To start with I'm gonna share a few photos I took, then I'll share my new jacket I treated myself too.
 Okay, so this photo isn't actually from Camden, it's from Aldgate. I was strolling down a road full of high rise flats and offices and the stumbled upon this wonderful garden area full of plants, a waterfall pond and children's trim trail. It was so peaceful and completely out of place so I have to share it with you!  Now to the pictures of Camden Town:
 Many shops along the main street linking Camden Market and Camden Lock Markets have amazing shop fronts with huge sculptures on the buildings ranging from shoes to figures and jeans to dragons.

These two images are from the Horse Stables/Tunnels Market Linked onto Camden Lock Markets. 

Now for the main feature: In the Horse Tunnels Market I found a store full of over-sized blazer jackets. With a range from woollen to crepe blazers I had to get one. So I treated myself to this beauty.

 It lays mid-thigh and is black with beige cuffs. I have teamed it with a simple white crop and black high rise skinnies and my favourite heeled chelsea boots.

The cuffs are a beige colour, which tends to go with most things. I was nearly tempted by one with beautiful red-orange cuffs however I know I would be really picky with what I wore it with so I went for neutral tones. When jacket shopping always think about if there are any limitations to what you can wear it with, that way you know you'll definitely 'get your wear out of it'!
Under the collar also lined with a matching beige colour.

Sadly I can't find the company "Black Stalker" anywhere online to forward you on to them, so if you're looking for a lightweight jacket this Autumn I suggest you go find yourself lost in Camden Lock Markets and find this stall-Good Luck!


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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Long Skirts and Lace

It's that awkward weather here in England when it's sun shining one moment and raining the next, meaning it's too warm for skinnies and too cold for sandals. In this post I show you how to create the perfect outfit for those weird and wonderful days for English weather.

By teaming up a long skirt and boots with a lace bralet you can create a lovely summer-to-autumn outfit without it looking like you're dressed for a beach party nor Christmas dinner!

My lace bralet is from Topshop and they have just brought out a new deep red version of it; perfect autumn colour. Although the bralet is delicate and dainty it gives off a grungy feel to an outfit, especially when paired with a leather jacket.
The skirt is a bargain find in my local Tesco, the soft pleats and over-locked finish makes the skirt hang beautifully. It's also great for warmer days as the skirt flows rather than sticks to your legs, what more could you want?

I've dressed this outfit with my chunky heeled Chelsea boots and pushed down knee high socks. To warm the outfit up a notch add some tights and a leather jacket.

A perfect outfit for summer through autumn!


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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Urban Outfitters Ring Set

My AMAZING friends bought me an adorable ring set and ring holder from Urban Outfitters for my birthday. It would be selfish of me not to share these little beauties with you, wouldn't it?

In my ring set you get 8 rings in total (very good for only £14!) mine vary in widths, colours and designs but they also do 3 other ring packs in all silver or all gold colourings.

As you can see, the ring holder is incredibly cool, very rock'n'roll chick, especially with the black painted nails. The rings fit lovely on to the holder too, with enough room to fit all my collection on. It definitely comes in handy sat on my bedside table so I don't lose my rings and have to scramble around the floor looking for them the next morning!

The rings I am modelling here are: two identical bronze coloured plain rings that are incredibly dainty and look effective when placed beside each other; an octagonal silver coloured ring just the right size to fit my pinky; a big chunky gold coloured ring and a dainty plain gold coloured ring that I like to place above the silver pointed ring.

Threw in a few sneaky pics of my beautiful henna that I had done at a local festival this weekend, making me feel very summery!
The remaining rings I have in my pack are a gold coloured textured ring and a silver coloured crossed ring (you can see these on the first image on my holder). The other rings on my holder are my favourite stacker rings from Peculiar Forest - you should check Lou out here!

Overall, I absolutely love my ring pack and my holder, it gives me so much choice and the ability to mix and match rings too


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Hello There!

So, lets hear a little bit about me; I'm a young, 17 year old, girl from Nottingham (that's in England by the way!)
As most girls do I love a good bit of retail therapy, which clearly fuels my interests in fashion and beauty. As I am young and still at college this will be the perfect place for you to find out where to get high quality bargains on your make up, clothes and accessories however; I'll also show you where you should be splashing out your money without worrying about wasting it!

I'll love to hear all your feedback and opinions from my posts and I look forward to meeting you all very soon