Sunday, August 3, 2014

Urban Outfitters Ring Set

My AMAZING friends bought me an adorable ring set and ring holder from Urban Outfitters for my birthday. It would be selfish of me not to share these little beauties with you, wouldn't it?

In my ring set you get 8 rings in total (very good for only £14!) mine vary in widths, colours and designs but they also do 3 other ring packs in all silver or all gold colourings.

As you can see, the ring holder is incredibly cool, very rock'n'roll chick, especially with the black painted nails. The rings fit lovely on to the holder too, with enough room to fit all my collection on. It definitely comes in handy sat on my bedside table so I don't lose my rings and have to scramble around the floor looking for them the next morning!

The rings I am modelling here are: two identical bronze coloured plain rings that are incredibly dainty and look effective when placed beside each other; an octagonal silver coloured ring just the right size to fit my pinky; a big chunky gold coloured ring and a dainty plain gold coloured ring that I like to place above the silver pointed ring.

Threw in a few sneaky pics of my beautiful henna that I had done at a local festival this weekend, making me feel very summery!
The remaining rings I have in my pack are a gold coloured textured ring and a silver coloured crossed ring (you can see these on the first image on my holder). The other rings on my holder are my favourite stacker rings from Peculiar Forest - you should check Lou out here!

Overall, I absolutely love my ring pack and my holder, it gives me so much choice and the ability to mix and match rings too


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