Friday, March 6, 2015

#colourmemarch at Cheltenham Festival

I was very excited today after receiving a phone call from EtailPR asking me to write a post all about what I would wear to Cheltenham Festival next week, particularly on Ladies Day, for the Colour Me March Campaign.

Colour Me March is all about wearing colours to the races, which I think is a fantastic idea, especially in the dull march weather!  Straight away I was thinking what I would wear; a dress, a co-ord, a suit perhaps? Then my Mum said a very good point 'you'd be freezing wearing that!!', then my mind clicked....MARCH? It's still winter! In fact just yesterday it was trying to snow where I live.

With weather thoughts in my mind here is what I came up with....

I love the bright blue in the Lipsy Dress and how much is stands out against the pastel pinks. baby blues and white. This dress is classy but stylish, a perfect mix for the races!
Using those three colours I themed the rest of my outfit to match. First up my blue collarless coat in a baby blue to bring out the undertones of blue below the bold floral top pattern on the dress.

With winter in mind a pair of leather baby blue gloves to match the coat will add warmth, and sophistication to your outfit. They will even still look fabulous with your dress when you take your coat off! Now, you've probably noticed I've not gone for the typical dramatic hat or fascinator, but with winter winds blowing around you don't want to be chasing after feathers and mesh, do you? A snug white fur headband is the perfect accessory for your head wear (and it keeps you lovely and warm).

Now your two main accessories: shoes and bag. Now you will have to walk on lovely grass at least once during your day out, and how likes mud coated stilettos? Not me! A pair of white chunky heeled platforms are easy to walk in, give you that boost of height but will not sink in grass and mud. (a couple of baby wipes in your bag may be a good shout to wipe off any mud you do get on the white!)
No point taking a small bag for the day, you can't fit your must-have make up top ups, purse, phone, camera and even a pair of flats in a clutch. This off-white pink tinted grab bag is the perfect size to fit all you need in without taking Mary Poppins' carpet bag.

Dress Lipsy at Asos £55
Wallis Coat at House of Fraser £35
Leather Gloves at Dents £32
Fur Headband at Joules at Houghton Country £14.95
White Chunky Platforms at Windsor Smith at Asos £99.50
Grab Bag at Fiorelli at Asos £59 

Would you wear this outfit?
Check out more outfit ideas in the Colour Me March Gallery or at @colourmemarch

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  1. That dress is absolutely gorgeoussss!!

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