Thursday, October 22, 2015


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Monday, April 20, 2015

How to wear your Roshe Runs - Part 3

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The final part is here...

This outfit has to be my fave, which is why I've left it until last! It's sporty yet it's girly and makes me feel great!

Top - New Look
Jeans - New Look
Jacket - Dorothy Perkins

What makes this outfit is the mix of girly femininity and the sporty style too. The crop top inspired by the classic sports bra gives that gym top feel but the thin straps and cross over style adds subtle details that change the entire top's style. The bomber style jacket has always had a sporty feel to it, with it being made with silky feel florals it adds that instant girl-power! I LOVE the brightness of it too, making me get ready for summer! 

And there we have it: my 3 favourite outfits to wear with my Roshe Runs. What's your favourite outfit to wear with your pair? 

Part 1 
Part 2

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to wear your Roshe Runs - Part 2

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Ladies it's time for Part 2, I hope you enjoyed my previous post showing you how to pull off the smart/casual sporty-chic look with your Roshes, now it's time for that city girl style!

Shirt Dress- F&F at Tesco
Dress - Matalan
With this outfit you can pull off two different looks by simply adding a belt. Here I have kept my shirt open and added a chunky belt around my waist to add some shape to my outfit. This is a great outfit for day-time shopping, you can team it with some tights for those chillier days (but today the suns out and I'm determined to get rid of these milk bottle legs!).

The second look is to fully button up the shirt and lose the belt. I feel that this style loses the summer feel to it, so you can easily cosy it up with some leggings, tights or even jeans and wear it on those 'where's summer gone?' days!
Having the under-dress on really points out the beautiful shaping in the shirt with the long curved side-slits, it also adds a more casual feel, as the shirt is still rather smart despite the length and lack of shaping. The colours also go great with my printed Roshes, do you have a bright pair? Perhaps match it with a colourful shirt-dress or even clash it!!

Liking it so far? Check out my next post in just a few days time!! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to wear your Roshe Runs - Part 1

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Nike's Roshe Run trainers have been a big hit recently, not just for sportswear but for general fashion. With bright colours, prints and even the option to customise your own, theres a pair for everyone. What I love about my Roshes is how comfy they are, I can wear them all day long and still never want to take them off! that's fashionable shoes....that are actually comfy?! It's a miracle!

What I found difficult at the start was what to wear them with, I've never really been a trainer kinda girl (apart from living in converse for 3 years straight) so I stuck to wearing just jeans or my gym leggings. It was pretty boring. With a good hunt and try on session in my wardrobe I've come up with three different outfit styles that I love to wear my Roshe Runs with!

Dress-F&F at Tesco 
Now this little dress is great to quickly sling on and get an instant good look. The dress isn't overly tailored so it hangs nicely without being clingy to my hips. Pairing this with my Roshes gives me a smart-casual look, especially because the dress has a ribbed jersey neck line, giving that subtle sports-chic look to it.

The dress also has subtle feminine features, like the curved side slits in the hem, which just finishes the dress off nicely giving you the full sports-chic look. 

Look out for parts 2 & 3 over the next fortnight to find more ways to wear your Roshe Runs. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

#colourmemarch at Cheltenham Festival

I was very excited today after receiving a phone call from EtailPR asking me to write a post all about what I would wear to Cheltenham Festival next week, particularly on Ladies Day, for the Colour Me March Campaign.

Colour Me March is all about wearing colours to the races, which I think is a fantastic idea, especially in the dull march weather!  Straight away I was thinking what I would wear; a dress, a co-ord, a suit perhaps? Then my Mum said a very good point 'you'd be freezing wearing that!!', then my mind clicked....MARCH? It's still winter! In fact just yesterday it was trying to snow where I live.

With weather thoughts in my mind here is what I came up with....

I love the bright blue in the Lipsy Dress and how much is stands out against the pastel pinks. baby blues and white. This dress is classy but stylish, a perfect mix for the races!
Using those three colours I themed the rest of my outfit to match. First up my blue collarless coat in a baby blue to bring out the undertones of blue below the bold floral top pattern on the dress.

With winter in mind a pair of leather baby blue gloves to match the coat will add warmth, and sophistication to your outfit. They will even still look fabulous with your dress when you take your coat off! Now, you've probably noticed I've not gone for the typical dramatic hat or fascinator, but with winter winds blowing around you don't want to be chasing after feathers and mesh, do you? A snug white fur headband is the perfect accessory for your head wear (and it keeps you lovely and warm).

Now your two main accessories: shoes and bag. Now you will have to walk on lovely grass at least once during your day out, and how likes mud coated stilettos? Not me! A pair of white chunky heeled platforms are easy to walk in, give you that boost of height but will not sink in grass and mud. (a couple of baby wipes in your bag may be a good shout to wipe off any mud you do get on the white!)
No point taking a small bag for the day, you can't fit your must-have make up top ups, purse, phone, camera and even a pair of flats in a clutch. This off-white pink tinted grab bag is the perfect size to fit all you need in without taking Mary Poppins' carpet bag.

Dress Lipsy at Asos £55
Wallis Coat at House of Fraser £35
Leather Gloves at Dents £32
Fur Headband at Joules at Houghton Country £14.95
White Chunky Platforms at Windsor Smith at Asos £99.50
Grab Bag at Fiorelli at Asos £59 

Would you wear this outfit?
Check out more outfit ideas in the Colour Me March Gallery or at @colourmemarch

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

3-2-1 BUNGEE!

If you didn't know already I'm currently fundrasing to go volunteer in Peru for an entire year, there more information in my previous post here!

Now last Saturday, as part of my fundraising, I did a sponsored 160ft bungee jump!-yes, it was as scary as it sounds. In fact, it was so scary I very nearly didn't do it, but with the help of a bit of a push down I went!

I just wanted to share my video with you all and show you that actually, it was pretty fun and I WOULD love to do it again.

Enjoy! (Beware: a lot of screaming occurs!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Foundation Frenzy with No7

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Hate shiny skin? Want full coverage that lasts all day long? Or struggle to find the right shade? I have the perfect foundation for you.

No7 Beautifully Matte. I've been using this foundation for a couple of years now and love it. I haven't even thought about trying anything new. For those who don't know No7 do a colour match test that they hold a little device to your face to find the closest match to their 14 shades. Which is great for me as I struggle to find foundation pale enough to match my complexion.  

(Warning, here comes the before pic!) I have

As you can see the foundation blends great with my skin and vanishes the red/pink tone to my skin too (stopping me blending in with my hair!) I applied one pump of the foundation onto a sponge but then applied to my face using a foundation brush. It leaves no streaks and no orange line around the outside of my face. 

I then finished my make up using my Naked Flushed palette, powder, eye make up and a bit of lipstick to achieve a full face with no shine that will last all day long!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Perfect Valentines Present for Your Man!

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Valentines is nearly upon us ladies, and gentlemen, but buying presents is incredibly difficult, especially when its for the one you love! Don't fret too much, I've put together my fave gifts, ranging in price, to save you hunting around.

Now for the kid at heart: This personalised 'Sweets or my Sweet' jar from Gone Digging ranges from £17.99 to £25.99 depending on the size jar you want.

For the food junkie these jams from The Present Finder are incredibly different, and a perfect little gift at £14.99 for all four jams! 

Your man more of a sports guy? No worries! Up next is this Massage oil and Bath salts set, perfect for your sporty partner who needs some looking after. 100% organic and only £24.97

Keeping with the grooming feel. If he is rocking the beard look this next gift is a must-buy! This Beard and Moustache care kit is perfect for your 'beardy beloved' for just £29

Cocktails are just for girls? No way! This Molecular Mixology kit puts a manly spin on cocktail making kit, so it's not just throwing a few glugs into a mixer and shaking. For £44.95 you get this kit including a DVD guide to show you how-plus you may get a few cocktails yourself from it! 

And finally, we all love a cheesy gift, and this one is perfect. A mug...with a pun on it! What's not to love? For £9.99 it is perfect to make your man laugh every time he has a cuppa. 

There we go, my six fave gifts ranging from £9 to £50 for all kinds of men! 

Happy Valentines everyone. 


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Review

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Before being given a flyer including a tester of this palette, I'd never even touched bronzer, or highlighter never mind using them alongside blusher for the 'contoured look'. It all seemed a little daunting to me...but this tester changed everything.

There are four different sets in this collection, I use the original. They all range in different shades for darker and lighter skin tones.

Although £22 is a little pricey in my opinion you do not use a lot of the palette when you apply it, so I have hope for it lasting.

As I found it a bit daunting, especially as I'm rather pale and didn't want to look a multicoloured mess, I went for a more subtle look that adds shape to your face without looking sculptured.

Start with apply your foundation as usual, I use No7 Beautifully Matte in Calico shade.

Firstly apply your bronzer underneath the cheekbone, you then simply apply your blusher above it, make sure you blend them together nicely to avoid a striped look. Then using your highlighter apply this above the blusher and below the bronzer to add reflective areas. You can also add this highlighter on the middle of your brow bone, the bridge of your nose and your chin to add a bright glow.

I then added a light coating of powder, did my eye make up and added a bit of lippy and ta-dah an easy subtle contour look. Great for adding that extra bit of colour to your cheeks!

Have you tried the Naked Flushed palettes? What do you think?

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Absolute Lashes; with W7

Here it is, a new mascara review. Now I made it pretty clear that I love my No7 Extreme Length mascara however, this badboy has had my mind change! When I first opened my lovely box full of goodies from W7 my immediate thought was 'hmm this looks familar'. Benefit dupe perhaps? Well, heres what I thought of Absolute Lashes...

What I like about this mascara is that not once has it clumped up on my lashes, no clumpy splodges sticking my lashes together; hooray! I was rather surprised by this as for £6.95 I did not expect such a high quality.

The brush is great, I tend to prefer rubber brushes rather a bristled brush however this separated and grasped the lashes extremely well. The only downside is if you get too close to your eye lid the brush is a little scratchy, so watch out!

I like a lot of length on my lashes which I feel this mascara did brilliantly, as you can see in my pictures my lashes have been extended easily.
      One Coat                                          Two-Three Coats

Volume. Thats the biggest flaw in most mascaras. I find they either add too much volume for just daytime wear or too little volume that when you add extra coats it just clumps and goes horribly wrong. Absolute Lashes allows you to put a thin coat, perfect for work or college, but you can then build the coats up until you achieve the volume you want.

 One Coat
Two-Three Coats

Overall, I say this is a great mascara, especially for such an excellent price! 

*This item was given me free of charge for reviewing purposes 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Twilight; a bath time with Lush

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I've been shopping at Lush for years now, however I get stuck into only buying my favourite, the comforter bubble bar.

A lot of people on my Instagram and other social networking sites have been posting beautiful pictures of bath bombs swirling around their tub. So I stepped away from my trusty fave and bought myself a bath bomb from Lush, the one I chose: Twilight.

At first I thought I thought it was a little big and actually debated chopping it in half, but I resisted by savers thought of mind and 'launched it' into my bath as the label tells me too. 

It began to spin around and around in circles, bubbling and foaming. I couldn't keep my eyes off it twirling around giving off a beautiful pink foaming.

I move my eye just for a second and suddenly blue appears to be coming out of the centre. I can hear the bath bomb fizzing creating a force that shoots the bath bomb around my bath leaving a blue bubble trail behind it. 

The bubbles all over my bath were a beautiful musky pink with streaks of blue and hints of sparkles within them I couldn't wait to dive in and relax. Although the description of the website states my bath bomb will turn a 'shimmering deep purple' I'm pretty sad to say it was a dirty deep blueish colour rather than purple. Or maybe my bath is bigger than their testing baths! Either way, i was still satisfied with my pearly pink and blue foam explosion.

After I've been in the bath I always moisturise my legs with body butter (soap and glory or body shop are my faves to use!) but today I just didn't feel the need to. The bath bomb contains many different natural oils that moisturise your skin as you bathe.

I can't wait to get my hands on more bath bombs!

Do you have a favourite Lush product? Or can you recommend a bath bomb? 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Urban Decay Vice 3

Now this little beauty was a wonderful surprise from my Mum this Christmas. It nearly killed me not being able to immediately smudging my fingertips in the vibrant and stunning colours.

 For starters I was shocked at how beautiful the packaging was, the colours against the dark wash background really do show how colourful this palette is! You also got a great padded zip-up case for the palette, with is roomy so you can fit in your make up brushes, eye liner and mascara in there too: perfect eye make up set up.
You also get a double ended brush with the palette that has a standard eye shadow brush and a slightly angled one too. Now normally brushes you get with palettes are a bit rubbish, and we just use our brushes we're used to. However this one is different, yes I gave it a chance, it picks up the pigments of the eye shadows incredibly well because of it's layered fibres which also make the application onto the eye smooth and flawless.  The eye shadows themselves are also of a great quality, literally two dabs of a brush or sponge can give you enough eye shadow, so it's great value as they certainly are going to last me a while.

The colours. Wow. What a variety! On the left hand side you get some fabulous matte colours in light pinks to browns (Truth, Undone, Downfall, DTF and Defy), perfect for a day time neutral tones. I like to use the matte pink shade labelled 'Truth' as a base to start.
You then have your more 'in your face' colours including 'Freeze' a vibrant blue full of shimmer; which reminds me of Elsa's dress from Frozen a little too much. You have 'Lucky' a wonderful copper/gold colour which adds wonderful sparkle. 'Sonic' is a fabulous rich red with that beautiful party shine too.
I'm a strong lover of dark eye shadows, with deep purple 'Bondage', gun metal black 'Revolver' and the darkest brown 'Defy' this palette has some fabulous shades to work with and darken those lids. Then with a touch of 'Bobby Dazzle' you can highlight perfectly. 

Those are just a few of my favourites from this wonderful collection. With neutrals, vibrants, darks, shimmers and mattes this is the complete perfect palette for the all round eye shadow look. 

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