Saturday, January 31, 2015

Absolute Lashes; with W7

Here it is, a new mascara review. Now I made it pretty clear that I love my No7 Extreme Length mascara however, this badboy has had my mind change! When I first opened my lovely box full of goodies from W7 my immediate thought was 'hmm this looks familar'. Benefit dupe perhaps? Well, heres what I thought of Absolute Lashes...

What I like about this mascara is that not once has it clumped up on my lashes, no clumpy splodges sticking my lashes together; hooray! I was rather surprised by this as for £6.95 I did not expect such a high quality.

The brush is great, I tend to prefer rubber brushes rather a bristled brush however this separated and grasped the lashes extremely well. The only downside is if you get too close to your eye lid the brush is a little scratchy, so watch out!

I like a lot of length on my lashes which I feel this mascara did brilliantly, as you can see in my pictures my lashes have been extended easily.
      One Coat                                          Two-Three Coats

Volume. Thats the biggest flaw in most mascaras. I find they either add too much volume for just daytime wear or too little volume that when you add extra coats it just clumps and goes horribly wrong. Absolute Lashes allows you to put a thin coat, perfect for work or college, but you can then build the coats up until you achieve the volume you want.

 One Coat
Two-Three Coats

Overall, I say this is a great mascara, especially for such an excellent price! 

*This item was given me free of charge for reviewing purposes 

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