Thursday, January 8, 2015

Urban Decay Vice 3

Now this little beauty was a wonderful surprise from my Mum this Christmas. It nearly killed me not being able to immediately smudging my fingertips in the vibrant and stunning colours.

 For starters I was shocked at how beautiful the packaging was, the colours against the dark wash background really do show how colourful this palette is! You also got a great padded zip-up case for the palette, with is roomy so you can fit in your make up brushes, eye liner and mascara in there too: perfect eye make up set up.
You also get a double ended brush with the palette that has a standard eye shadow brush and a slightly angled one too. Now normally brushes you get with palettes are a bit rubbish, and we just use our brushes we're used to. However this one is different, yes I gave it a chance, it picks up the pigments of the eye shadows incredibly well because of it's layered fibres which also make the application onto the eye smooth and flawless.  The eye shadows themselves are also of a great quality, literally two dabs of a brush or sponge can give you enough eye shadow, so it's great value as they certainly are going to last me a while.

The colours. Wow. What a variety! On the left hand side you get some fabulous matte colours in light pinks to browns (Truth, Undone, Downfall, DTF and Defy), perfect for a day time neutral tones. I like to use the matte pink shade labelled 'Truth' as a base to start.
You then have your more 'in your face' colours including 'Freeze' a vibrant blue full of shimmer; which reminds me of Elsa's dress from Frozen a little too much. You have 'Lucky' a wonderful copper/gold colour which adds wonderful sparkle. 'Sonic' is a fabulous rich red with that beautiful party shine too.
I'm a strong lover of dark eye shadows, with deep purple 'Bondage', gun metal black 'Revolver' and the darkest brown 'Defy' this palette has some fabulous shades to work with and darken those lids. Then with a touch of 'Bobby Dazzle' you can highlight perfectly. 

Those are just a few of my favourites from this wonderful collection. With neutrals, vibrants, darks, shimmers and mattes this is the complete perfect palette for the all round eye shadow look. 

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  1. thats looks like a beautiful palette

  2. OMG this palette is so pretty, I absolutely love all of the colors. You make me wanna buy one for myself.
    Thank you for sharing this, love<3


  3. I have this palette and it is awesome!

  4. You should really treat yourself, it's such a fab palette!

    Thanks for reading, Ellie xo

  5. They all work great together and blend beautifully too!

    Thanks for reading, Ellie xo