Monday, September 29, 2014

Liebster Award!

So I've been nominated, now let me brief you on what this award is:
The Liebster Award is a little something between bloggers, to get a bit more promotion.

The only rules are:
1. Link back to the person that nominated you (and thank them!)
2. Answer all the questions that you are given.
3. Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate.
4. Pick 11 questions for them to answer and let them know.
I was nominated by the lovely Amira (you should totally check out her wonderful blog!) All I have to do is answer some questions she's given me, here goes:
  1. How did you get into blogging?
    Well I previously had a craft blog; Strings and Laces, however crafts take a long time to do so I found it difficult to post along side my studies. 
  2. What's the reason behind your blog's name?
    My surname is 'fox' and fashion/beauty is all about whats in at the time; fads. Put them together and you have Fox's Fads!
  3. What is your favorite brand for nail polish?
    Oh I do love OPI, especially the mini sets as they're perfect to keep in your bag for quick touch ups. 
  4. What is your favorite shop?
    Wow! This ones very tricky! My favourite at the moment must be Topshop, no, Urban Outfitters, ugh wait, Zara......I can't decide!
  5. Lots of bangles or a statement necklaces?
    Bangles tend to bug me a lot as I prefer tighter fitted bracelets so I'm gonna go with a good statement necklace. 
  6. Your favorite pieces of clothing you can't live without?
    It has to be my high waisted black skinnies (I do have around 4 pairs of them), I wear them out until they're grey and patchy and re-dye them black as I just can't let them go so easily. 
  7. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
    Neither-I'm a hot choccy kinda girl!
  8. Do you have any bad habit?
    Spending too much money on clothes and make up....
  9. Where do you get inspiration for your blogging?
    I get inspiration from a lot of places really, infact a lot of the time it's from magazines such as Vogue and Grazia in which I get little ideas. Another big inspiration is basically what I buy and test so you all get to see what things are really like!
  10. Your favorite colors?
    White, Green and Purple.
  11. The best moment in your life from blogging?
    I think receiving my first comment was my favourite moment-I got so excited! I do rather like spending a bit extra on make up and saying 'oh I'll review it on my blog' to justify it!
29th October: So I've been nominated again! Heres my new questions: 
  1. Dogs or cats?Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!
  2. What product can you not live without?My No7 Beautifully Matte foundation! 
  3. Do you spend more on skincare or more on makeup?My skincare is more expensive than my make up but I buy a lot more make up so I'm gonna say make up.
  4. What's your favourite pizza topping?I'm a good old three cheese lover
  5. Dominos or Pizza Hut?Dominos!
  6. Can you do any weird party tricks?I can go bozz eyed and then make one eye twitch-a great trick for halloween!
  7. What's your favourite band/singer?Oh no! Music is one of my favourite passions so my faves include Crystal Castles, Grimes, Alt J, Enter Shikari, Bring me the Horizon, Paramore and I'm starting to rant so I should stop!!
  8. Where's your dream travel destination and have you been there already?Belize. I would love to go there after studying it in Geography, I'm hoping to get to travel there whilst I'm on my year out, 
  9. Favourite makeup brand?It depends on the product. MAC is best for my lipstick but I adore No7 for mascaras and foundation!
  10. How tall are you?Around 5"6 (ish)
  11. What's your favourite TV show?FRIENDS! 

16th January; I have more questions from Lisa, lets get to it. 
  1. Favouritest ever song of all time?oh gosh, now this I could never answer. I'm a huge music fan and having simply one favourite is impossible, infact I couldn't even single it down to my 10 favourites! 
  2. What 3 things would you take to a dessert island (no boats)?Sun cream (I burn like crazy, and you gotta look after your skin ladies!), some form of music player with an everlasting battery and finally, a camera with plenty of memory/film to keep track of what I do there!
  3. What always makes you laugh?The TV show Never Mind the Buzzcocks, it's hilarious and if you haven't watched it I really recommend it. 
  4. Favourite outfit you own?It changes every fortnight but at the moment it's my green trousers, black long sleeve top and silver necklace with either my docs or black slip ons. 
  5. Favourite animal?
    Not really sure, probably a dog or something. 
  6. What's the one thing you can't stand?Ignorance to whats going on in the world just because it doesn't involve you directly. 
  7. Favourite scented candle?WAAAAAAAAY too hard to answer. Something christmassy, a bit of spiced apple, mulled wine etc. 
  8. If a tree falls in the wood, does it make a sound?Hmmmm.
  9. What's blog post of yours has had the most views?My Urban Decay Vice 3 review  Check it out, it's pretty cool!
  10. What's one thing you would say to the people who read your blog?Thank you so so much! 
  11. Imagine the queen is visiting your house, what meal would you cook for her?Oh wow, I have no idea. Probably something I've made before and know I wouldn't screw up ahaha. 
This is the point where I'm to make you questions and nominate a few people so here goes: 

1) What are your most worn shoes?
2) Do you wear certain jewellery every day?
3) Do you do your make up before you do your hair?
4) How many lip balms do you own (I have around 15!) 
5) What your favourite body lotion?
6) Do you prefer black or blue jeans? 
7) What's your favourite post on your own blog?

And the nominees are-queue the drumroll....

Miss Fely - Le Fashion Beauty
Anna - Made Up Style
Anu - My Life as Anu

Have fun everyone!


  1. Thank you so much for the nomination Ellie! I loved reading your answers :)
    Here's my post if you want to read it!
    The Liebster Award part 3

  2. Loved reading your answers, Body Shop lotions are also a fave of mine, especially the strawberry scented ones!