Saturday, September 13, 2014

Super Long Lashes

We all hunt around for the best mascara we can find, don't we ladies? However, it's not very often we actually find 'the one' we like to stick to....well I have found the one! 

No7 are a Boots own brand and I am a huge fan of their products, although they are everyday products they are a bit more expensive than your usual items. I've always like No7 mascaras, I've tried their Intense Volume and Extreme Length mascaras too - but this is definitely my all time fave. 

For £12.50 for a tube of No7 Extreme Length is a bit pricey for those used to paying for the average £6 mascara but with such high quality I find it lasts a lot longer. What I also like is the option to keep applying layers to build up intensity, so it's perfect for everyday wear and for going out.

As you can see, the brush really grips on to your lashes and extends them for extra length. I find that if you apply a second coat in a zig-zag technique you get a more defined look to your lashes.

Not only does it extend and define extremely well, the application is also smooth and doesn't tend to clump lets face it, no one likes clumped up lashes! The rubber bristles make it really easy to focus on individual lashes and the ones in the corners of your eyes too.

The mascara comes in two colours; black and brown/black and also with the option of Sensitive Eyes or Waterproof for the same price.

Any other Extreme Length lovers out there? Or have an all time fave mascara of your own? I'd love to know!


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