Monday, September 29, 2014

Welcome to Mavy's World

'Mavy's World?' I hear you saying. Mavy Savvy is a online 'trend store'-the perfect place to get a few deals especially during their sale (which is currently still on  so check it out ladies!).
Finding this little boutique was great, all their products have a unique feel to them; they're not just copies of items from other shops. Just what we want, something unique and stylish that not everyone owns already.

Now we've all had the cringy moment when you and someone else is wearing the same item of clothing, right? By shopping at Mavy Savvy you won't get that problem, they only supply 4 items per size in each garment so it's very unlikely you'll have to experience matching clothes ever again! It also means things sell out very quickly so new items are being added to the website daily, you can check them out under the 'what's new' section.

Now here are my current favourites on the website:

Cropped Faux Snakeskin Jacket 
This jacket has a lovely colour to it, a deep brown/black.
Faux Leather jackets are crazy in at the moment and this jacket is a great spin, with the cropped, pointed collar style, but with the snakeskin appearance to it.

This little number has to be my favourite just because of how unique it is!
Cut outs are very popular in dresses this season however I've not seen one with flowing 'sleeves' like this dress. I think it really adds to the dress giving it a strong feminine feel to it.

The crochet mesh adds delicacy and detail to the bodice on the dress-a truly beautiful addition to it.

Not only do Mavy Savvy offer stylish clothes you can get stunning accessories, swimwear and shoes too!

Liking what you see? Then go grab yourself something nice then! If you go quickly you'll be getting 40% off in their 'September sale' as well, what's stopping you?!

This post was sponsored by Mavy Savvy, all images used are theirs. 

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