Monday, August 18, 2014

Help I'm going to a Festival!

After going to two festivals (Download and V Festival) this year I felt that I should really do a 'festival must haves' post; after all I think I have a pretty good idea now!

Megan and I in Our Garden at V Festival 2014

Festivals are difficult as you can either queue at 5am for a disgusting 'shower' or so what most do and rough it. That's right ladies, no showering for 3-5 days! I'm going to focus on two parts of 'roughing it'; how to keep clean and how to look great.

Lets start with keeping clean.
First stop hair: Dry Shampoo, you cannot forget to bring dry shampoo, you will need the biggest can you can buy. It gets rid of the greasiness of your hair and also adds a little volume to it as well to stop your hair going horribly flat.
Hair Bobbles and Clips, you see festival photos of people having lovely long flowing locks, on the first day yes but by the Sunday everyone's hair is a ball of knots. By taking bobbles and clips you can style your hair into various braids and plaits creating beautiful hairstyles.
Body: Wet wipes, these will be your equivalent of a shower for the weekend. Honestly they make you feel so much nicer than just feeling dirty and smelly, not as nice as a shower though I'm afraid. (Also girls, don't bother taking razors or hair removal items, all of you will have hairy legs and arm pits!)
Tissues and hand sanitisers, the toilets are never great but I must say Download had the Khazi Kings this year cleaning the portaloos and refilling them with tissue, V fest wasn't that great though. Half rolls of toilet paper or packs of tissues have to be in your bags at all times and hand sanitiser to keep your hands clean after too.
Lip Balm I forgot my lip balm for V Festival and my lips now feel horribly chapped and unloved.

Don't worry too much about how grotty you feel....and look! I found the lack of sleep I got didn't help either but the oxygen bar at the Bubble Lounge clears your head quickly as Nemo and I found out at download!

Naomi and I at the Bubble Lounge, Download 2014

Now lets try to look great!
Rain coats I saw so so so many beautiful rain coats this year, not just plain old black pack-a-macs for once! A lot of shops are doing really cool see-through ones so everyone can still see your outfit underneath which are fantastic. However I'm more of a floral fan when it comes to rain coats so I treated myself to a little beauty from Topshop this year.
Shorts Now, shorts are great but ladies no body wants to see your underwear too! Make sure your shorts actually cover up your bum cheeks otherwise you'll be FREEZING later on in the night, remember that festivals go on til night time.
The crop Crops are a festival fave this year, with so many varieties of them too it's super easy to find a cute crop to rock the look.
Boots The good old wellingtons are a classic fave at festivals however when theres not much rain boots are also a big hit. I didn't get my wellies out at either festival this year. I wore my tattered old Dr Martens boots which were a lot more comfy than wellies and I could dance around a lot easier in them too! Don't forget the long socks to match them too.
Bags Carrying your stuff is a pain and no one is a fan of the backpack when the person in front of you is wearing one. Bum Bags/Fanny Packs (whatever you prefer to call them) are great, they can fit all the things you need and no one can easily steal the contents from you. You can dance around like crazy without them falling off and getting in the way. You can pick them up from so many high street shops, my own is from Primark but you can pick them up from Urban Outfitters too.
Neon Face Paint No matter what age or gender you are neon face paint is always a hit at festivals whether its little flowers or dots under your eyes you'll look fab. Just be careful not to smudge it all over your face, do it before going into the arena area so it dries!
Flower crown Flower crowns are so easy to pick up in summer with shops like Primark selling a variety in colours for around a £1! I do recommend getting one before you go to the festival because they are £5 or more there.

And that's it! Theres probably a whole ton of other things you could also bring with you but these are definitely my must haves this year.


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