Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Long Skirts and Lace

It's that awkward weather here in England when it's sun shining one moment and raining the next, meaning it's too warm for skinnies and too cold for sandals. In this post I show you how to create the perfect outfit for those weird and wonderful days for English weather.

By teaming up a long skirt and boots with a lace bralet you can create a lovely summer-to-autumn outfit without it looking like you're dressed for a beach party nor Christmas dinner!

My lace bralet is from Topshop and they have just brought out a new deep red version of it; perfect autumn colour. Although the bralet is delicate and dainty it gives off a grungy feel to an outfit, especially when paired with a leather jacket.
The skirt is a bargain find in my local Tesco, the soft pleats and over-locked finish makes the skirt hang beautifully. It's also great for warmer days as the skirt flows rather than sticks to your legs, what more could you want?

I've dressed this outfit with my chunky heeled Chelsea boots and pushed down knee high socks. To warm the outfit up a notch add some tights and a leather jacket.

A perfect outfit for summer through autumn!


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