Saturday, August 9, 2014

Camden Town

Yesterday I got to go to my favourite city; LONDON! I try to go to a different part of London every time I visit, this time was to Camden. Oh My Gosh! How amazing is Camden town?! I was thrilled by all the markets, street food and the weird and wonderfulness of the town.

To start with I'm gonna share a few photos I took, then I'll share my new jacket I treated myself too.
 Okay, so this photo isn't actually from Camden, it's from Aldgate. I was strolling down a road full of high rise flats and offices and the stumbled upon this wonderful garden area full of plants, a waterfall pond and children's trim trail. It was so peaceful and completely out of place so I have to share it with you!  Now to the pictures of Camden Town:
 Many shops along the main street linking Camden Market and Camden Lock Markets have amazing shop fronts with huge sculptures on the buildings ranging from shoes to figures and jeans to dragons.

These two images are from the Horse Stables/Tunnels Market Linked onto Camden Lock Markets. 

Now for the main feature: In the Horse Tunnels Market I found a store full of over-sized blazer jackets. With a range from woollen to crepe blazers I had to get one. So I treated myself to this beauty.

 It lays mid-thigh and is black with beige cuffs. I have teamed it with a simple white crop and black high rise skinnies and my favourite heeled chelsea boots.

The cuffs are a beige colour, which tends to go with most things. I was nearly tempted by one with beautiful red-orange cuffs however I know I would be really picky with what I wore it with so I went for neutral tones. When jacket shopping always think about if there are any limitations to what you can wear it with, that way you know you'll definitely 'get your wear out of it'!
Under the collar also lined with a matching beige colour.

Sadly I can't find the company "Black Stalker" anywhere online to forward you on to them, so if you're looking for a lightweight jacket this Autumn I suggest you go find yourself lost in Camden Lock Markets and find this stall-Good Luck!


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